A revolution in aerospace engineering, designed by the Near Space experts Sent Into Space, the Astropod kit contains almost everything you need to launch and recover a Near Space flight and capture stunning imagery from Space… And it’s coming to the NEC this December for the Tech Show Live!

The helium-filled balloon will rise up to the edge of the stratosphere, crossing the boundary into Near Space.  As the balloon gets higher, the external pressure drops to less than 1% of ground level, causing the balloon to expand to the size of a double decker bus. Meanwhile, the Astropod hangs below carrying and protecting your equipment.

Once the balloon bursts, the Astropod falls at 300km/h before the parachute opens out, slowing the descent to a safe speed of 5m/s. After the Astropod lands, the flight computer guides you to the correct location for retrieval.

We’re super excited to have these guys at the show!

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