Trevor has been involved with Greenpower for the past 4 years.  Both he and his son Olly (year 10) are members of the Chipping Sodbury School Greenpower club which designs, builds and races four F24 and F24+ cars.  Trevor’s background is pure engineering.  Initially starting with an apprenticeship at British Aerospace and graduating in Electronic Systems Engineering at Kingston University, he moved from an engineering design role into sales and marketing roles within the telecommunications and workspace management industries.  Trevor is now taking his experiences and knowledge back into education through Governorships at two schools and as a Greenpower Volunteer.

Greenpower provides the frame work for schools, colleges and youth groups to give their pupils and young adults the experience of science, technology, engineering and mathematics working in the real world through designing, building and racing electric cars.  This presentation will not only cover what Greenpower is and how to be involved, but will also give a competitors view of why they have been involved for the past 14 years.

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